Robert Domanko
Who is Robert Domanko?

We I am an average (what ever that means) healthy middle aged man living in the suburbs of Sydney Australia. I have 3 adult children, no grandchildren and one partner. Yes, I have been married twice before.

Like people my age, we realise that life does not normally go to plan. So much different to what I expected when i was 20 years of age.

Have been lucky enough to experience so much good and not so good times. Some that I would like to forget, other that I would like to never end.

What I have learnt is to never give up!

This site is dedicated to my next phase of life, where I am having a career change, to rebuild my financial security and MAKE a difference in this world.

My motto of life is

“Numquam Cesseris” & “Carpe diem”
Never Give Up & Seize the Day